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Large Space 5000m³ Fragrance Oil Machine With HVAC Connect

Large Space 5000m³ Fragrance Oil Machine With HVAC Connect
Large Space 5000m³ Fragrance Oil Machine With HVAC Connect

Μεγάλες Εικόνας :  Large Space 5000m³ Fragrance Oil Machine With HVAC Connect


Τόπος καταγωγής: Κίνα
Μάρκα: DanQ
Πιστοποίηση: CE / RoHS Certificate
Αριθμό μοντέλου: DSQ1010

Πληρωμής & Αποστολής Όροι:

Ποσότητα παραγγελίας min: 1 κομμάτι
Τιμή: Negotiation
Συσκευασία λεπτομέρειες: Τυποποιημένη ουδέτερη συσκευασία με τον αφρό
Χρόνος παράδοσης: 3-10 ημέρες επάνω στην παραλαβή της πληρωμής
Όροι πληρωμής: T/T, Paypal, Western Union
Δυνατότητα προσφοράς: 8000 PC/μήνας
Λεπτομερής Περιγραφή Προϊόντος
ΠΡΟΤΥΠΟ: DSQ1010 N.W/G.W: 5.75kg/6.6kg
Μέγεθος: W220*D156*H230mm Εγκατάσταση: Συνδέστε με HVAC
υλικό: Μέταλλο Κάλυψη: 5000m ³
Μπουκάλι: 500ml Εξουσιοδότηση: 1 έτος
Υψηλό φως:

5000m³ Fragrance Oil Machine


HVAC Fragrance Oil Machine

Cool Mist Professional Aroma Scent Diffuser HVAC Connect For Big Space 5000m³

Big Air Automatic Working Fragrance Oil Machine with HVAC Connect


Cool Mist HVAC 5000m³ Difusor Aromatherapy cover 5000 Cubic meters

DSQ1010 is adopting high-tech quality and user-friendly design, specially designed for HVAC System, to solve the aroma demand for large space. Simple black shape of metal machine, built in 500ml PET external bottle, and covers 5000 cubic meters. Long life-span air pump can continuously operate up to 8000 hours. DSQ1010 is also with intelligent and environmental diffusion, suitable for all kinds of occasions, like hotel lobby, gym, shopping mall, office building, banks, 4S shops, etc.

Model DSQ1010 Material Metal
Brand  DanQ Size W220*D156*H230mm


Noise <50db
Power 9W Bottle 500ml
Coverage 5000m³ Color Black
Oil Consumption 5ml/h N.W/G.W 5.75kg / 6.6kg
Warranty 1year Installation Connect to HVAC


  1. Easy installation & saving energy & intelligent timer program
  2. 4 groups working period and adjusted fragrance concentration
  3. Connect to HVAC system to spread the scent to whole space evenly
  4. External fragrance bottle that convenient for refilling
  5. Up to 8000 hours air pump built in metal durable shell
  6. Plug-pull design of atomizer core to replace & maintain easily

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:PP bag + foam + standard carton
Delivery Time: 3-10 days upon receipt of payment

hotel lobby, gym, shopping mall, office building, banks, 4S shops, etc
In order to ensure the best diffusing effect, pls check and maintain the device regularly as the following steps.

  • Unlock the door and take out oil canister which is spent.
  • Fill some alcohol into the canister and clean it.
  • Install the canister on device filling with alcohol and make the device stay in working status for 5-10 minutes.
  • Turn off power when finishing cleaning.
  • Take out the canister and fill fragrance oil into it again and install on the device, then close the cover to finish the maintenance process.



  • Pls do not use overloaded power socket, broken wire and charger. It may endanger your safety and cause a fire, pls replace in time if it happens;
  • Pls do not try to open the shell of device. Pls contact seller timely if any abnormality.
  • Pls do not invert the device after filling oil in case of leaking and causing damage.


HVAC Connecting

Large Space 5000m³ Fragrance Oil Machine With HVAC Connect 0Large Space 5000m³ Fragrance Oil Machine With HVAC Connect 1


After-sales Service
The warranty is 1 year from the date of sale, not including device shell, electric wires, out pipe and the other vulnerable parts, as well as the damage caused by human or accident. Permanent maintaining for value will be provided if the machine exceed the warranty.
If there is any issue of after-sales, please contact authorized sales service in corresponding area, or contact Sales Center directly.



Q. How to control the fragrance concentration?

 A. Setting WORK time and PAUSE time to control the concentration. If the

fixed WORK time is 60s, the PAUSE time increases, then smell concentration decreases.


Q. How long will it takes for production?

 A. Sample order could be arranged within 3 days, and for bulk order, it depends on order quantity.


Q. Can we refill the fragrance into canister?

 A. Yes, it could be refilled easily.


Atomizer core
PE seal ring
User Manual

Large Space 5000m³ Fragrance Oil Machine With HVAC Connect 2

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